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Plastcom now offers PP from Repsol

It is our great pleasure to present REPSOL as our new partner on Polyprylene products.

With more than 200 products divided into the different product types, there is ample opportunity to find the qualities that will suit your existing or new products.

We start up with a warehouse program consisting of the following products, and we will gradually expand the warehouse program in close cooperation with our customers:

MaterialQualityMFI @190°C, 2.16kgE-ModuleImpact strength @23°C
PPHISPLEN PP070G2M12 g/10 min1550 MPa2.5 kJ/m2
PPHISPLEN PP099K2M55 g/10 min1800 MPa2.5 kJ/m2
PPCISPLEN PB183N2M22 g/10 min1050 MPa>20 kJ/m2
PPCISPLEN PB195K3M45 g/10 min1400 MPa8 kJ/m2
PPRISPLEN PR595C2M50 g/10 min1100 MPa5 kJ/m2

The link below takes you to REPSOL’s database, where you can find materials that will fit your product: chemicals/product-range/polypropylene/index.cshtml

Below you will find a brochure containing materials aimed at the injection molding and thermoforming segments:

Company information:
Repsol is a Spanish multinational oil and gas company based in Madrid, Spain. Company
employs more than 20,000 people and focuses on the development, production, refining and marketing of oil and gas products as well as the production of electricity.

They also have a strong petrochemical division, which produces a wide range of polymers, such as polypropylene (PP).

Repsol’s PP products are widely used in a variety of industries, including packaging, automotive, and
construction. The company has a capacity of over 500,000 tons of PP per year, making it one of the largest producers of PP in Europe. As the only European PP manufacturer, Repsol is currently investing and building a new PP plant with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes.