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Cases and industry solutions

From plastic raw materials to plastic products with very specific properties. See the different solutions for which Plastcom has supplied raw materials.

Agtrup Plast has been committed to implementing a wide range of sustainable initiatives, where the highly innovative owner Jørn Lange was very interested in testing UBQ in a number of existing products with ambitions to reduce the carbon footprint further.

The handle consists of rPP + 20% Talc, where Agtrup dosed 20% UBQ without compromising quality.
The clamp consists of rLLDPE with added 20% UBQ, where the properties seemed to be unaffected.

Required dosage to produce CO2-neutral items is calculated at 3.2% UBQ at rPP + 20% Talc and 3.8% UBQ at the rLLDPE, respectively.

20% UBQ creates climate-positive items molded at Agtrup Plast
Plastcom has extensive experience with products, specifications and materials for the automotive industry.

Our suppliers work broadly with the European and Asian car industry and we have a wide range of materials approved for different car manufacturers.

We have experience with the very small technical components for storing impressive engine covers.

Automotive Components

With great interest in sustainable initiatives, Schoeller Plast, Plastix & Plastcom has carried out a number of test runs with UBQ in various additions in Plastix HDPE/PP material; Oceanix.
The addition of UBQ was increased from 5% addition to 25% addition, where only 3.8% is necessary for the incoming raw materials to be collectively considered carbon-neutral.
Mechanical tests should show what concentration the use of the product allows.

UBQ in breadboxes molded at Schoeller-Plast-Enterprise A/S

HT-Plast has for many years produced hangers for clothes in PP and HIPS, but was interested in bringing more sustainable solutions to the market.

Solutions proposed by Plastcom were as follows:
- to use UBQ in their existing PP hangers
- casting the hangers in a WPC from Stora Enso (Pure S40)
- casting hangers in Pure S40 with UBQ

These hangers will have a reduced carbon footprint compared to the existing products.

Testing of biocomposites at HT-Plast

Plastics are widely used in the construction industry and Plastcom has solutions for many different applications.

We supply hard and soft materials for e.g. window frames and seals, roofing sheets, cable trays, gutters, downspouts, etc.

Construction industry

Food contact materials, migration tests, specific migration limit, color fastness, thermal fastness and much more are concepts that we work with on a daily basis.

Great demands are made on the safety of the materials, and not least the documentation for this.

In practice, Plastcom delivers a myriad of solutions for the transport sector as well as many other areas within food packaging and storage.

Materials for the food industry

When plastic is to be used for close contact with children and babies, the greatest demands are always placed on the purity of the materials and documentation that the materials are not harmful to health.

Plastcom works with these very products and provides many exciting and unique solutions that naturally meet all legal requirements.

Child Care

The requirements for products used within the Medico industry are massive.

There are a wide range of different norms and standards within USP, and it is important to define products precisely so that the associated documentation is correct.

Plastcom has experience within Medico and supplies products both for injection molding and extrusion - with varying degrees of approval.

Medico industry

Toys must be safe and also well documented.

Plastcom has decades of experience with suitable polymers and color master batches for toys.

We are constantly developing new colors for toys.

The EN71-3 toy directive is, of course, an integral part of the documentation package.


Plastcom has developed a wide range of soft and flexible products for the production of various hoses.

Both technical hoses for e.g. compressed air, but also qualities for garden hoses.

We supply well-documented materials that go to the largest manufacturers. UV properties in particular can be a focus area for these applications.

Garden hoses

Electronic and electrical equipment (E&E) requires special attention.

These are often many different requirements such as fire properties, electrical resistance, impact voltage, electric loss factor, etc.

Plastcom has materials that cover most needs, and we are happy to advise on the different materials and their advantages/disadvantages each.

Electrical components

Value-adding guidance and innovation

Either we find a suitable raw material within our current range – or we develop a brand-new product for you.

Knowledge that translates into qualified elections

An optimal raw material is the foundation for a plastic product with strong properties and the prerequisite for an efficient development process and a competitive production economy.

Choosing the right plastic type and mastarbach is therefore an important but also a complex decision-making process, because there are so many factors that come into play.

When you add the environmental selection criteria to this, qualified plastic technical advice is essential for the functionality of your product, your brand’s reputation and your financial benefits.

It is our most important task to optimise all three things.