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Plastcom and the plastics industry are developing rapidly. New things happen all the time. Here you can see new products, new employees, new customers and new initiatives.

We at Plastcom want to promote some of the masterbatch and additive solutions already available from LyondellBasell. For many years, they have supplied various masterbatch and additives to various industries, where we feel the current trend in the Plastics Industry concerns the processing of various recycled materials.

Standard Additive program from LyondellBasell for machining recycled materials

Versalis Revive® PS RT 33010 is a new quality in Versalis' polystyrene portfolio. With their circular economy approach, Versalis Revive® PS RT 33010 has been developed with to start a new era of sustainable HIPS containing at least 30% of secondary raw material coming from separate waste collection.

New product from Versalis – Versalis REVIVE PS RT 33010

The LyondellBasell Circulen product family supports the reduction of plastic waste through the use of recycled materials as well as materials made with lower carbon footprints.

Circulen's product portfolio includes:
- CirculenRecover, mechanical recycling process
- CirculenRevive, chemical recycling process
- CirculenRenew, from renewable materials, e.g. used cooking oil

Circulen is available in PP, PE, EVA, GPPS, HIPS, PET, PETG, PA, PLA, PHA, PBAT as well as starch-based polymers.

Circulen masterbatches from LyondellBasell based on sustainable materials

On 1 July 2022, Victor Jensen started as Junior sales representative at Plastcom Sweden AB.
He will be based at our Swedish office outside Ängelholm in southern Sweden.
Victor has just graduated from a two-year B2B education at Stockholm School of Business.

Do not hesitate to contact Victor if you have any questions.
Victor is available by phone at +46 431-16080 or email vj@plastcom.se

Meet our new sales representative in Sweden – Victor Jensen

Stora Enso comes on the market with their newly developed Prime materials to replace technical plastics, such as Prime Materials as ABS, HIPS, PP + GF & PP.

The new biocomposites qualities containing fibres within a PP matrix which meet the technical requirements for a number of technical plastics. The new qualities have provided improved material properties in impact resistance by retaining high rigidity, strength and heat resistance compared to previous grades.

Stora Enso launches their newly developed Prime material series

The LOOP Fair 2022 was held at Lokomotiv Værkstedet in Copenhagen for the first time. The fair focuses on interdisciplinary sustainable solutions within different industries.

Plastcom had a stand where various sustainable products were made from various materials supplied by Plastcom.

Plastcom participates in the LOOP fair in Lokomotiv Værkstedet in Copenhagen

Sophie Tuviahu from UBQ Materials came to Denmark to present the UBQ material.
The interest in the UBQ material was great, which we at Plastcom share entirely.

Plastcom works continuously to offer a range of sustainable materials, of which UBQ is just one of the solutions.
Please contact us if you want to hear more about our sustainable solutions that can support your transition to a more sustainable company profile.

Sophie Tuviahu presented the UBQ material at the Nordic Bioplastic Conference 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Versalis has continued to work on creating materials that make it possible to produce thin foils & bottles.

Due to the continuous development, Versalis now offers a Revive quality based on 100% Post Industrial materials in the form of a combination of LLDPE & LDPE.
The new quality is already commercially available.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the Revive qualities.

Versalis Revive based on 100% recycled material

Biodolomer is a high-quality biomaterial that is compostable or biodegradable.

     - compostable or biodegradable
     - contains renewable resources
     - printable and weldable
     - ready for use in existing machine equipment

Biodolomer can be used in the production of organic waste bags, shopping bags and agricultural films. Biodolomer are available for bottle blowing, thermoforming and injection molding.

Gaia Biodolomes – The compostable material

He will be based in south Sweden and will focus on developing our business and future organization in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Baltics.
Alf have more than 25 years of experience within the plastic industry, where he has held several managerial positions both locally and globally.

Do not hesitate to contact Alf if you have any questions or inquiries.
Alf is available by phone: +46 431-16040 or by mail alf.jensen@plastcom.se

Meet our new Business Development Manager – Alf Jensen – +25 years of experience within the plastics industry

With residence in Varde, Henrik is centrally located in relation to our Jutland customers. During his 17 years in the plastics industry, Henrik has worked with both thermo- and hardened plastics. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and servicer with a smile.

If you have any questions - call +45 29 34 30 34 or email jensen@plastcom.dk.

- Plastic maker specializing in injection molding
- Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology - specialized in polymer technology
- Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Meet our new sales engineer – Henrik Jensen – 17 years of experience in the plastics industry

Plastcom has been designated as the official distributor for Stora Enso's latest venture at DuraSense WPC (Wood Polymer Compounds).

Stora Enso is a giant in forestry, wood, paper and cardboard, and it is these core competencies that have been driving the development of Europe's largest WPC product range – DuraSense.

The product range is typically based on either PP or PE with varying amounts of either visible or invisible wood fibers.

Bio-polymers from Stora Enso – Largest in Europe within Wood Polymer Compounds