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Plastcom and the plastics industry are developing rapidly. New things happen all the time. Here you can see new products, new employees, new customers and new initiatives.

June 2021 Alf Jensen started at Plastcom as a Business Development Manager.

He will be based in south Sweden and will focused to develop our business and future organization in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Baltics.
Alf have more than 25 years of experience within the plastic industry, where he has held several managerial positions both locally and globally.

Do not hesitate to contact Alf if you have any questions or inquiries.
Alf available by phone +46 733 41 75 40 or mail alf.jensen@plastcom.se

Meet our new Business Development Manager – Alf Jensen – +25 years of experience within the plastics industry

In September 2020, Henrik Jensen took over as product manager. With a residence in Varde, he is centrally located in relation to our Jutland and Funen customers. During his 17 years in the plastics industry, Henrik has worked with both thermo- and thermosetting plastics. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and services with a smile.

Questions? - call +45 29 34 30 34 or email jensen@plastcom.dk.


  • Plastic maker specializing in injection molding
  • Master's degree in chemical engineering and biotechnology specialized in polymer technology
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Meet our new product manager – Henrik Jensen – 17 years of experience within the plastics industry

Plastcom has been designated as the official distributor for Stora Enso's latest venture at DuraSense WPC (Wood Polymer Compounds).

Stora Enso is a giant in forestry, wood, paper and cardboard, and it is these core competencies that have been driving the development of Europe's largest WPC product range – DuraSense.

The product range is typically based on either PP or PE with varying amounts of either visible or invisible wood fibers.

Bio-polymers from Stora Enso – Largest in Europe within Wood Polymer Compounds

Versalis introduces a new and exciting innovative product line with top-notch sustainability.

The product line includes both PELD, PEHD, PS and EPS products, which are based on approximately 75% Industrial or postconsumer recycled materials – added 25% new product to optimize processability.

The products are suitable for the manufacture of foils, pipes, blown bottles, etc.

Introducing Versali’s new Sustainable Revive range – 75% recycling with 25% new product

Plastcom has established a close collaboration with UBQ International - a unique company that has patented a technology that can convert household waste (i.e. food leftovers) into biopolymer.

This completely unique material is composed of the building blocks from the organic materials in the household waste and it can be processed on completely ordinary machines.

By adding UBQ, you can achieve completely CO2-neutral finished products.

The material is used for a wide range of applications, especially within PE and PP products.

New collaboration with UBQ International – a unique patented recycle technology

After more than 25 years of cooperation in Denmark, VERSALIS hands over the rest of the distribution of their large program of PE- and Styren-based products to Plastcom.

The market covers the entire Nordic and Baltic region, and it is a distinguished recognition of the professional and serious work Plastcom has done over the years.

This is a significant expansion for Plastcom and we look forward to further developing the sale of VERSALIS products. Products include EVA, VLDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE smat PS, HIPS, SAN and ABS

Plastcom takes over Versali’s products throughout the Nordic region and in the Baltics

In late summer 2020, Victor Kaufmann joined the role of Customer Support and Internal Sales. Victor is the eldest son in the Kaufmann family and he is "bottled" up with plastic.

At a time when Plastcom is expanding, customer contact, documentation and service are paramount, so it is a pleasure to add extra youthful energy.

Victor doesn't come with an actual plastic background, but he is filled with good humor, energy and passionate about customer support.

Meet our new dynamic Customer Support – Victor Kaufmann – Service with a smile