Circulen masterbatches from LyondellBasell based on sustainable materials

The LyondellBasell Circulen product family supports the reduction of plastic waste through the use of recycled materials as well as materials made with lower carbon footprints.

Circulen’s product portfolio includes:
CirculenRecover, mechanical recycling process
CirculenRevive, chemical recycling process
CirculenRenew, from renewable materials, e.g. used cooking oil

Circulen is available in PP, PE, EVA, GPPS, HIPS, PET, PETG, PA, PLA, PHA, PBAT as well as starch-based polymers.

Below you will find an overview of selected solutions LyondellBasell can offer based on Post-Consumer recycled material (PCR):

Colors are matched as usual, so if you want a masterbatch based on PCR material, please contact us for further information or if you want to test a solution.